One of the questions most entrepreneurs do ask is what type of business can they start and make a fortune from?

There are lots if business opportunity in the country. Nigeria is a land that is flowing with milk and honey. Nigeria is a land that is full of business opportunity. That means that you can start a business and make a fortune all that is needed is your passion, persistent and dream.

Before I will share the list of profitable business in Nigeria, I will like to remind you that to be a successful entrepreneur , you must make sure you know your passion. There must be a particular activity you love to do. It make be that you love spending time with kids, love rearing animals, love writing etc. It will be very profitable following your dream.

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List of Profitable Business in Nigeria

Animal Breeding: This is one of the most profitable business in Nigeria now. In fact the current administration is in support of this business. You can get loan from the government. Aside the loan and support, the business is very profitable all you need is a space to rear them, with time they will start giving birth. You can then sell them and make enough of money and expand. 

There are lot of opportunities under this business, you can go for poultry, you can rear goat, sheep. The main thing is to find market for it. 
Education: if you like spending time with little children, then you should consider starting what I will refer to as educational business. It could be a kindergarten, Nursery and Primary School etc. You should make sure that before you start this business you have an Education Degree from any higher institutions in the country. You must also make sure that there are qualified parents who can afford to send there children to private schools like yours. 

And if you want to reach kids outside your location you can learn how to use some internet tools to reach out to qualified kids that will be able to afford your service.
Fashion Design: If you are the type that value good wares then you should consider starting a fashion designing business. All you will need is an office and a machine. You can get your clients within your environment or you can learn how to use the internet to reach out to unlimited clients within and outside your environment.

Real Estate: You can also make a fortune from real estate. You can buy and sell land, house or rent them out and get paid. 

Retail Business: If you have some cash you can start a retail business. You can be a distributor for some companies. They could be up to twenty just make sure their products are of high standard and are goods that are needed by people. You have to make sure that there are people who can afford these products or you can use the internet to sell these products to qualified clients.

Event Planning: If you like going to events or you like or criticize how some events are planned then you need to start an event planning business. This is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. 

One of the reasons is that people are always celebrating one thing or the others and they will like to hire the service of an event planners.

The second reason is that you can run it online and its very easier to run it online.

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Barbing and Saloon Business: This is one of the most profitable business inNigeria. You can do the two together or you can just stick to one. 

Hospitality: IThis business us by far the most profitable business in Nigeria. You can make a lot of fortune by running a bar, club, hotel or a guest house. People are always looking for the best place away from home they can relax, eat good food and spend some time with friends and family.

There are lots of business opportunity in Nigeria and the fact still remains that you can be successful in any of the business and you could be very successful starting and running a business you really love. 

And with the help of God and the use of the internet you can be very successful within a limited time. All you need is to learn how to use some internet tools to reach unlimited clients online.

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