If you are going to build a successful business then you need to sell. 

Selling is very important!

Though it is very important, it can be messy and frustrating especially when your clients are not interested in what you are selling. 

One of the reasons for this frustration may be that we came to realised that after more than 30 minutes of presentation to our clients, we were unable to close the sales.

From the books and the experience I was able to gather, the best way to make a sale is not by talking all day long while the customers listen. 

It is the other way round.

Before I made this change, I normally start my sales meeting by talking and talking. The talking may actually go on for more than 20 minutes and at the end, it’s a no. They are always not interested.

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Then I started reading some sale books and I put everything I learnt into practise. 

I started doing the opposite of what I use to do before.

Instead of talking, I started asking questions and my clients started talking. 

I realised that doing this made my clients feels that they are in control and they are because they are the one talking and I am the one listening to them.

They said I care!

I started becoming more interesting as one client will put it.

In short just show your clients you care by asking questions. Questions that connect to what you are selling which they may need.
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