Nobody wants to be an underachiever. We all have dreams. Dream of travelling, building a successful business or being the best at. 
To achieve any dream, it is very important to note that there has to be a high level of confidence. Any one who wants to achieve any dream in life must have confidence in himself and his ability even when nobody else does.

Having a high level of confidence doesn’t come easily. Some people are going to question your ability, say some things to pull you down and even do things to make sure you doubt your ability.

Below are what you can do to build that confidence
Surrounding yourself with positive people: Achieving any dream requires confidence and surrounding yourself with those that believe in you, respect you and are willing to support you will help you a lot. 

You need to stay with those who see the light in you. Not those who see the dark side of you. You need to move with people who are positive. Those who believe you can achieve your dream and stay away from negative people.

Self Talk: Having a positive self talk can help you build your confidence. Whenever people say things that are not positive toward you try replacing by saying things that are positive toward yourself.

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Read about other successful people: If there is any sure way to gain more confidence then reading about other successful people can help. 
You can gain more experience which will instill confidence in you by having a mentor and by reading or watching the bibliography of successful people.

On the last note you can always use your past success to instill confidence in your yourself whenever you feel like you have lost confidence in yourself.

It may be academic, relationship or business success you have achieved in the past. Think of these past success use it to instill confidence in yourself.
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